Saturday, 14 August 2010

France, Monday Night Combat, and Apple Products

I haven't posted in a while, so here's a short update. I am currently on holiday in France with most of my immediate family. The weather has been nice, unlike England, which is great, and hilarious when people are complaining about it on Facebook.

Social Networking at its finest

Not much else to say, apart from a photo from our trip to a supermarket:

Also, my Xbox is not on holiday, it is at home. I don't get back until the 28th of August. Monday Night Combat was released on the 11th of August. I have been wanting to play it forever. This is why:

Isn't that just awesome? It sure is, especially if you currently have an Xbox. At least I have Starcraft 2 with me. But I can't play that online because the entirety of France disconnects from the internet every 8 minutes.

And an update on the whole iPhone saga: The current one is holding up fine, I had to get my iPad replaced again (that's 4 now), and I also got a Macbook Pro. it only had to be replaced once.

And why did it need to be replaced?

Well, the wireless stopped working, so I phoned up technical support, who told me to run this utility, which then caused it to not boot at all. Yay for technical support. At least I got a new one the next day, before even having to send the dud one off. And I have two power adapters now, so it's all good I guess.

Oh and here's a video I made of my Granddads 80th birthday before I left for France:

He made that pop up TV himself. He also made his own lift. You could call him a mad scientist of sorts.