Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Eurogamer Expo 2010: Gears 3, Bulletstorm, and Shogun 2: Total War

I went to Eurogamer on Sunday and met up with two people I'd never seen in real life before. My mother thought I was going to be abducted by paedophiles. I convinced her that I'm too good a judge of character for that to happen. Unfortunately, I overestimated my character-judging skills and I am now writing to you from a locked room in a basement somewhere in north London.
Anyway, let's get on to the games.
First up, Gears 3. This is the entire reason I bought tickets, got a fake ID (I'm not 18 until Monday!) and took the time to go. I was not disappointed. For my thoughts on Gears 3, head over to this post on the official Gears forums. There's also this short video that one of the paedophiles forced me to shoot:
Next up, Bulletstorm. I only played through the demo of this once. I had my expectations set high as it's being developed by People Can Fly & Epic. Once again, I was not disappointed. There were 2 guns in the demo - An assault rifle and a gun that shot two sticky remotely-detonated balls attached together by a chain (I'm sure it has a proper name, but this just sounds better).
The assault rifle behaved like an assault rifle should behave, and that was good. That formula shouldn't be messed with. The second gun behaves nothing like you've ever played with before. It was a joy to use once you got the hang of it - sticking it to the ground and laying traps, sticking it to people and detonating them near their friends - and it just plain rocked. This is the kind of weapon you would expect in a Ratchet & Clank game, yet it somehow works in a gritty shooter.

But this game goes way beyond guns. I has a laser whip and a giant boot. I could leash enemies towards me, watch them float around in low gravity for a split second, then kick them into the nearest giant cactus. This is the kind of hook that chainsawing was in the original Gears - but it was only the beginning. I could kick people into man-eating plants, kick people into explosive objects, kick people and then shoot them, kick people off cliffs, kick people into other people, or just kick people, leash them, then kick them again. They should've called this game Bootystorm.

Last up is Shogun 2: Total War. I didn't actually play this, but I attended a panel where Mike Simpson (creative director on the game) gave a talk about and a demo of the game. Before he got on stage though, we were forced to watch some crappy Nvidia 3D advert. It didn't make me want to give Nvidia my money.

Anyway. As a huge strategy fan, I am stoked for this game. I've played every Total War to date, but this one looks like it will trump them all. Not too much to report here, but the game looks absolutely gorgeous so far. Everything from the campaign map to the water to the individual units slaughtering each other under a cherry blossom tree that actually sheds petals is intricately and beautifully detailed.

So, yeah, it was a fun day out. I'll be going next year (if I am released by then) for sure, especially as Gears 3 has been delayed and most likely won't be out until after it.